Motto 1 + 1 = 3

The synergetic effect of successful partnership can be expressed at what at first sight is an illogical formula 1 + 1 = 3 where the two ones represent two companies – a customer and a supplier. The plus sign is our work. Then the result of this formula is three. Using the synergetic effect is our way to your success.

Who do we work for?

A typical customer of CZ Synergy would be a machine building or business company which needs to source and secure delivery of mechanical components manufactured as individual pieces or in small or medium size batches. It is a market area in which we are fully competent.

We are the ones who will help you to find the best Czech or Slovak supplier and a partner for a long term business relationship.

Use of synergies

Each manufacturing company in the real market may be characterised by its product. On the other side we have the customers searching for the optimum supplier. Finding and developing new functional links between customers and suppliers is the aim of our business.

Our focus is not only the price, quality and reliability of supplies. While searching for new relationships we also consider the flexibility of the supplier, the level and quality of communication. A willingness to accept some common business risks, a compatible corporate culture and other aspects that may be important for the customer.

Principles of cooperation



Ing. Miroslav Strauf
Zalesna III/2622
760 01 Zlin
Czech Republic

Contact person:

Miroslav Strauf
E-mail: strauf@cz-synergy.cz
GSM: +420 777 711 020
VAT No: CZ6103271691

Our policy:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility